Friday, February 26, 2010

Crunchtime, again.

So today, I'm getting ready for a trip to visit my parents in Tennessee. I can't wait. I really really love visiting them. But ... before I leave, I really should:
  • clean the house
  • get caught up on laundry (though we all know this will never happen)
  • go back to the grocery store tonight to exchange the gallon of milk I bought this morning, took home, and discovered was SOUR (in fairness, though, I should also say that I called the manager at PayLess, and he said to bring it back, and he'd exchange it AND give me my money back. Not bad.)
  • bake some granola bars (Right, like this is crucial before we leave. But I still want to.)
  • wash & dry all of Will's diapers so I don't come home to week-old dirty cloth diapers
  • go to Macy's and buy new sheets (again, not crucial. But our fitted sheet has a huge rip in it -- thanks, Caroline!, and I can't find any spares). And they're on sale!
  • maybe make a spare spare key? I had three extras made, and I'm down to one.

On the bright side, I have, so far today, put a load of laundry in the washer, washed the dishes, and vacuumed.

And I have someone coming to buy a table from me at noon. (Craigslist is a wonderful thing.)

And I have cleaned and hung my full-length mirror. Someone who shall remain nameless, but who is featured in this picture, took it upon herself to decorate my mirror with red & green crayon.(Hint: It wasn't me.)

I better get started.

Before I do, though, I realize that this post is a little heavy on sentences starting with "And", as well as lots of parentheses. It's just the way I work. (And I'm sorry.)


Michelle said...

Nice going, Annie, for taking a picture before scrubbing it all off the mirror! --Elijah

Paige said...

: ) Annie I love reading your blog and I will be getting back into doing mine. Really, I will. Eventually...