Thursday, February 4, 2010

Check your pockets.

My parents are coming in tonight for an impromptu visit. That means that, by supper time, I really should:

attack the mountain of laundry upstairs

run to the grocery store
make a pie crust or two
bake bread
clean the house
cook supper

And during that time, I'll have to face all kinds of distractions. Like:

(If you've ever seen a cuter baby boy than this one, I don't want to hear it, because you're lying.)

And the three kids together: No wonder I never get anything done.

And, while I'm dealing with all my distractions, I need to remember to check pockets before washing clothes. Because it would be pretty bad if I did a huge load of laundry and then found this as I was loading the dryer:

I would never do anything this stupid. Right?



Megan said...

To handle the laundry problem follow these simple steps.
1. scoop as much laundry in your arms as you can carry.
2. Take it to the nearest closet.
3. Dump and close the door
4. Repeat as necessary.

Michelle said...

So, don't keep me on the edge of my seat! What happened?

Megan said...

"I have an old four square house (built in 1910-ish) with a finishable attic that has a dormer window on the front of the house. When we finish the attic, I’d like to add at least two more dormers, but my husband says that would ruin the architecture. Your thoughts? (I can provide pictures, if you’d like.)"
Annie-I knew that was you!!!! You are so busted!

Paige said...

Right. You will not find a Sharpie in your dryer. I did recently take my new favorite shirt out of out dryer only to discover that I had completely forgotten that Bug had "shared" her stickers with me from the doctor... sigh