Friday, February 5, 2010

Apparently my notes to self don't work.

Do you remember the Sharpie that I may or may not have put through the wash with a HUGE load of clothes? And how I reminded myself to check pockets? (Because, yes, I may have ruined a sweet little sleeper of Will's.)

Well, I forgot.

Load #2: I was unloading the dryer, and this fell out:

Thank goodness it survived its ride through the washer. Caroline, who picked it out, all by herself, while her mother bit her tongue (as in, I bit my tongue, not Caroline's), would be really sad if it died.

Load #3: I pretreated a batch of cloth napkins, burp cloths, and some hand towels, put in the detergent, and some bleach, and then went down right before supper to iron the clean napkins. And discovered that I'd never turned the washer on.

And then I stopped doing laundry for the day, because obviously, I wasn't doing such a hot job. My laundry mountain is shorter now, but not by much.

This is pretty much the only activity around our house today. The girls have been reading books with Pokey, and Pokey's been holding Will, and the girls have been playing with Poppy, and Poppy's been holding Will. That's about it. Can you tell Pokey melts around her grandchildren?

And this is the beauty that is outside. I love it.


Paige said...

Oh Annie. I'm rolling. I am so glad that you do the same things I do. Except in my case, I will remember to START the washer.... in my case, I forget to CLOSE the washer. (obviously, not a front loader, or I'm fairly certain that the sound of water hitting the floor would remind me. Unless they have a "don't start unless closed" option. I'll have to check on that before I get one...) So my clothes will just sit in water and detergent and bleach until I wander back in there and notice that, once again, I didn't shut it. : )

suzanne cabrera said...

I'm enjoying the laundry saga. Ahhh...and do the piles EVER end?!?!?