Thursday, February 25, 2010

No way. (Installment Two)

If you haven't read installment one yet, read it here.

So. I opened envelope #2 and found a gift certificate for "Royal Lunch Treatment" at a new local vegetarian restaurant downtown. I called Bobbi back and said, "Let's go to __________ restaurant!" since we'd been vague about where to go. I met her at her new office (we used to work together, back when I was actively selling real estate ... and the office has moved since I left), and she gave me the tour, and then we headed out to lunch. It was a cold day. Her CR-V has seat-warmers. Very pleasant.

We got to the restaurant, and it was packed with mothers and small children. Bobbi wondered at first if they were all my friends, but I'd never seen any of them before. We were seated at a high table but asked if we could move, since there was no place to put our coats, purses, etc. They moved us, and then when they saw my gift certificate, they said, oh, so YOU'RE the lucky one. Wait! We had a table set up for you! And they brought over a candle for me. And a sticker with flowers. :)

Bobbi and I ended up ordering the same thing: a grilled cheese sandwich (homemade cheese on Great Harvest bread) with a cup of fajita soup. It was really good ... and perfect fare for a cold day. I really enjoyed it. The restaurant is very healthy, totally (or almost totally?) local, and pretty alternative. Lots of vegan options that sounded foreign or out there to me, but also some things that sounded pretty good. It was a cozy spot, and such a nice treat. (And, I still have money left on this gift certificate ... as I do at coffee shop ... so I'll be back. The gift keeps giving.)

We headed back to the office where I got to see some more of my old co-workers ... and then I opened envelope #3.

Oh. My. Gosh.

(More coming soon.)

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