Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crunch Time

So we've asked our priest to come bless our house tomorrow. And then, we decided to make it a house blessing/open house. We've invited people from church, people we work with (or in my case, used to work with), former neighbors, other friends, etc.

I really thought that hosting such an event might give us added motivation to finish some projects. And it did -- just not the ones I was hoping for.

I tried and tried to find a rug for the foyer. Without a rug, it really feels unfinished. And it is. Actually, it's unstarted. While my parents were here, we went to TJ Maxx (thanks for the tip, Allison!) and found two rugs I liked. I bought them and brought them home, knowing I could return them if Bob didn't like them. And he didn't. But he was willing to live with them if a) we agreed they were temporary, and b) I liked them. So we agreed to live with them. But then, all through the night, the rugs kept coming into my dreams, and I was stewing over them, and finally I realized that I wasn't as wild about them as I'd thought. You know how sometimes something you didn't like grows on you? (Awkward sentence, I know.) Well, I experienced the opposite effect with these rugs. They shrank on me, if you will.

Sorry to talk so much about rugs. There are so many things more important than rugs, and yet, in my Project Coziness, I'd like to get this "right." And no, I don't mean to imply that there's one rug that's right for my foyer. One of many, I'm sure, I just need to find them.

I fell for this PB Kids rug. I really like it, and Bob likes it, too. And if we decided it was too bold for the foyer, it would be a great kids' room rug.

Cute, right? Except then I discovered that the rug is not one even height. It's textured.

So that rug's out. It's just not the one for us.

Anyway, so we won't have a soft rug in the foyer tomorrow night, but we will (drumroll, please) have a bath/shower that's no longer missing a tile! Thank you, Bob. I don't know how long that tile has been missing, but it was missing when we moved in (13 months ago), and hallelujah, Bob fixed it last night. The tile doesn't totally match (it's a slightly different shade of white), but I told Bob that what might be an eyesore to other people is beautiful to me.

Other projects to finish before tomorrow night at 8 (and if you're local, you're invited!) include installing some kind of lock on the downstairs bathroom door. It freaks me out when there's no lock on the bathroom door ... except in my own house, of course. But for everyone else, I'd like for them to not be worried that someone might walk in on them. Because that's never fun.

Kitchen progress: there hasn't been any. I did fill two holes with a product called Great Stuff. (Should I be in marketing? Because even I could replicate that thought process. What should we call this stuff? It's really great stuff. Oh, I know, let's call it Great Stuff!) And I did do some sanding. But there's a lot more to this kitchen project, so even though Bob's in Chicago today, I'm not going to surprise him with any more house projects when he comes home.

I did set up a table and chairs in the foyer, and I can't make up my mind about it. Does it look good? Bad? Weird? I think Bob's leaning toward weird. But I don't like having an empty room for people to walk into, especially when we have some furniture to work with in the basement and attic. So, there's a table & chairs in there.

Is this too weird? Is it okay? I don't know.


Megan said...

Hey Annie-
thanks for the invite. I would love to go, but Everette and I are going to Indy for a date! Also... I know you shop at Target all the time so you have probably already scoured their rug selection, but have you seen these?
A couple of my friends have this one...

or this one?

Of course everyone's taste is very personal.. but I know we have the same taste in clocks!

Annie said...

Megan, that is too weird. Seriously. I've looked through all of Target's rugs, and those are my two favorites. I do not like to shop with people, but I might like shopping with you! Thanks for the tips! Unfortunately, Bob wasn't as wild about them as I am, so they're no-go's. Have fun on your date! You'll have to come over another time. :)

Heidi Malott said...

Hi Annie. I moseyed over from Coal Creek farm, I think. I too, am a mom that blogs from Indiana. I like your blog. We just had our Priest over for dinner and had our home blessed. I was grateful all the rooms (even my teens) were pretty decent, for I didn't realize we would be going through each one. Rugs are tough to choose. Happy Blogging! ~Heidi

Megan said...

I would criticize Bob's taste, but since he was the one who loved the clock... I guess I will have to resist

Naomi said...


The picture in the above post of the girls with the crowns are so precious! What a sweet tradition.

How about a bench of some kind for your foyer? I assume that you normally enter the house from the back, but for guests it's nice to have something to sit on to take off and put on shoes. Still, a bench won't fill the reception hall. That is one big, grand space! Maybe some kind of credenza? A statue

Megan said...

I am with Naomi, you should defiantly welcome guests with David in your foyer! What could be more cozy than a naked man?!