Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crunchtime has passed. Now it's catch-up time.

We're back home now, having had a great time in Tennessee with my parents. I know you're dying for the details, so here goes:

The girls helped their Poppy feed the birds. The minute my dad came downstairs that morning, Caroline announced to him that "The birds are hungry, Poppy! We need to feed them!" And my dad obliged. I love that he did.

He also asked if he could take a look at my iPhone. I expected that to last a minute or two, or for him to ask questions about how the thing worked. Nope. He figured it out and had a blast with it. Is my dad going to get an iPhone? Never. But he sure enjoyed playing with mine.

Caroline enjoyed sharing some cereal with her Pokey. And Lucy got to help her Poppy make some biscuits. (I don't have pictures of that.)

And this is from my budding artist, Caroline. Drawn with crayon on the top of the dog food canister. We're working on boundaries, like, you know, drawing on PAPER, and not just any paper (like books), but CAROLINE'S PAPER. If I didn't love this little drawing so much, I would have been really mad.

I brought my knitting, thinking Mom & I could have a good time doing some knitting in front of the fireplace. That would have been great if I'd brought my pattern. Oops.

All good things must come to an end (as I keep telling myself about this miserable cold I've been fighting since Saturday), so now we're back home. And my shrunken laundry heap is about to grow again, once I unpack our clothes. Totally worth it, though. We sure love visiting my parents.

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Naomi said...

I like that your parents are "Poppy" and "Pokey" to the kids. Good names!