Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Way. (Installment Three)

If you haven't read installment two yet, read it here.

So Lindsey had told me that I could be pretty flexible with when I opened envelopes 1 and 2, but that I really should open envelope #3 at 2:30. Goodness. That implied that SOMETHING was scheduled, but I sure didn't know what. A friend or two had suggested that it might be a massage, but I'm just not the massage type. I mean, I don't wear make-up (as in, almost never, as in, last time I wore lipstick, Caroline said with evident concern, "Momma, what's on your lips?!"), I don't blow-dry my hair, I don't paint my nails, and I don't get pampered.

Well, until yesterday.

Yep, envelope #3 was a one-hour Swedish massage scheduled for 3pm yesterday, with Sean, at a yoga & wellness spa. Also downtown. Also on Main Street. (Everything was on Main Street! Which just goes to show you that I live in a cool place with a downtown that's really enjoyable.) Well, you might say that I was a bit nervous. I googled "Swedish massage" to get an idea for what I might expect. And that really didn't do anything to make me less nervous. Hmm. I really should have shaved my legs! And I just wasn't prepared for this! Ack!

Anyway, I got there and met Sean and really appreciated that he talked me through my options. Full body massage? Back? Neck? Shoulders? Arms? Etc. I asked for back, neck, and shoulders.

We headed upstairs, he left so I could get undressed, and then I got up on the table, under the blanket. When he came in, he started to arrange the sheet over me ... when he realized I was ON TOP of the sheet. Oops. Embarrassing. He left, I got under the sheet, we tried again. Okay. Phew.

My goodness. Have you ever had a Swedish massage? No? Well, you should. It was just lovely. I got to choose oil vs. lotion, what scent of oil (or unscented). The room was very dark, peaceful, some candles burning (though I suspect they were those fake electric ones), some music playing. He said, "It seems you carry most of your tension in the left side of your back, and your left shoulder." Well, yes. Let's see here. My left shoulder and back are responsible for:
diaper bag
3 1/2-year-old

I can see how I could carry some tension there. (And, to clarify, I don't pile all three kids on my left hip at the same time. But I almost never carry any of the above on my right side.)

Well, he worked that tension out until I felt positively floppy. Then he left so I could get dressed. Well, I was very relaxed, feeling almost dreamy. And I forgot there was a small step-down in the room. So all of a sudden, there was a very big thud. Me falling down. And my masseuse called, "Are you okay?" Of course, everything was fine except my pride. You know, my name may mean "full of grace", but I'm anything but graceful. I'm always running into things, bruising myself, moving too quickly and forgetting that furniture/doorways/walls are where they've always been. (See: the Bruise.)

Anyway, I picked myself up, and attempted to get dressed in the mostly-dark. That's easier done when you're in your own room, and not positively mushy from relaxation. And I was terrified that I wouldn't be dressed when he came back. Thankfully, he called out, "Are you decent?" before coming back in. I was.

He showed me some stretches I could do to help my back, and then he tried to get me to consider coming back. Well, twist my arm! Well, no, he probably wouldn't twist it, would he? But he might do some deep-tissue massage on it... Anyway, I am sad to say I did not schedule another massage. Or should I say, I have not scheduled my next massage ... yet. I'd really love to go back.

I could get used to this.

By the way, I never thought I would hear the question "Are your jeans stretchy?" without feeling like the question was TOTALLY inappropriate. Funny how it wasn't.

Anyway, I still had 45 minutes of freedom before 5:00, so I went to the library to return a dreadfully overdue book (the one with the knitting pattern for the sweater I started lo these many years ago) and had the brilliant idea to photocopy the pages I need. Then I browsed the entire magazine section, as well as the DVD section, and the kids' section. Can you tell I was enjoying my day off? No deep thought allowed.

I am amazed how I spent my entire day in the presence of other people, and yet it was just the perfect amount of solitude for me. No unwanted conversation. No questions from children who like to have every minute of the day narrated for them ... and in the absence of my narration, who narrate it themselves. (Ahem, Caroline.)

And even though there was a scheduled appointment, and a scheduled end-time, the day felt so free. For the first couple hours, it was all I could do to keep from crying. This was just the nicest thing. I can't even describe it. Though goodness knows, I've used a lot of words trying.

I didn't worry for a minute about my children who know and trust Lindsey and who just adore Vanessa.

It was a day I won't forget. Lindsey, thank you so much!

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Megan said...

oh Annie,
I am so happy for you! What a wonderful gift.