Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's your lucky day

because I was going to do a photo documentary of the Evolution of a Bruise upon my Leg. However, when I went to do a sync-up of my iPhone & computer, my computer miraculously restored my phone to its settings from before its untimely crash. Which means that while my pictures & videos from before the crash are recovered, I've lost the pictures I've taken since then. I think. I need to figure this out.

Anyway, you all are saved from the (interesting, I promise!) changing nature of the bruise I got the other night when I got up in the middle of the night to race into the girls' room (and afraid of a disaster, Miss Clavel ran fast and faster! -- name that book) to check on a wailing Caroline. Unfortunately, I forgot that the side table that's beside my bed, and has been since we moved in over a year ago, was beside my bed. I slammed into that table, but of course, I didn't slow down, because I was concerned for Caroline.

All was well. Until the morning, when I felt some pain and discovered the Bruise.

Anyway, moving on from the Bruise.

Over Christmas, Caroline fell and knocked her two front teeth loose. It was pretty traumatic (definitely more so for me than for her), but I'm very glad that it looks like it's all healed up pretty well. But here's the interview I did with her (because I had just gotten an iPhone, and it has a video camera!). Please excuse my wimpy voice at the beginning. I don't know what my problem was.


Michelle said...

Madeline, by the way. My children have loved her and my students love her. Caroline's interview is so funny. I love how you are both cracking up. Very sweet.

bethany said...

oh! michelle beat me to it!
what is "purdue's car"? :)

Annie said...

Purdue is her imaginary friend, and by extension, the car is imaginary, too. She actually fell and hit a table. :(

Paige said...

the video is precious! I love it! and I love that you still say "oh dear". tell Caroline thank you. she just made my day better.