Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunday Funday

On Sunday, Bob & I were both itching for a little fun, and I really wanted to get out of town.

So I spent a little bit of time online, searching for something fun to do that wouldn't cost much money.

I ended up settling on a walking tour of Lockerbie Square, a neighborhood in Indianapolis where old homes have been lovingly restored, and some new ones have been built to complement the existing historic architecture.

It was so much fun ... despite that fact that it was raining, so we did a driving tour, and Caroline slept through the whole thing.

Bob and I love small old houses. Our first house was small, and even though we have a big one now, we love the creativity that comes with making the most of small spaces.

And this was a new addition that was part of an old house. Bob's sold me on the idea of a modern addition added to an old building, not trying to blend in. Additions that are made to look old are nice, too, but I'm loving this little addition.

Here it is with the rest of the house.

This picture I snapped for Bob. He's always checking out paint colors, and he liked the siding/trim/window color scheme of this house. He's totally convinced that our windows need to be dark, with lighter trim, kind of like this house.

And this one? This one made us think of our first house. This is a house we would buy. It's so cute! And if there's anything that can sell me on a house, it's sweet windows.

Then we went to an antique mall, and a shopping mall (where the girls got to ride escalators, and we bought nothing but a snack for them), and then out to eat. So much fun for so little money. I could drive around and look at houses all day. I suppose that's part of why I liked selling real estate...

Sorry the pictures are a bit dark and gloomy. I had forgotten the "real" camera and only had my phone.

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