Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is Holy Week, and it makes sense to me that it's been a crazy week so far. Our church has at least two services per day, and my goal was to take the kids to one a day.

That hasn't happened.

We're having the ceiling in the girls' room drywalled ... and I'd put some pictures in here, if my hard drive weren't FULL ... so I've been hanging around, waiting on the guys to show up each day. They're not comfortable with our dog (a 120-lb. Great Dane. Why would that make you uncomfortable??), so I need to be here when they're here.

Yesterday, I waited all day for them. Today, I gave up around 1. They showed up at 4:42. I was a bit surprised to see them.

The girls have both been tired lately, since they've been going to bed later, what with the sunlight in the evening and all. Will's been cranky, irritable, not wanting to nurse when he's hungry, not tolerating rice cereal, but not liking other solid foods either.

Here's how the evening has gone down so far:
  • dry-wallers here past 6pm
  • they arrived while Caroline was asleep in the living room with nothing but her skivvies on
  • one child had a huge accident in the sunroom while I was talking on the phone
  • Bob had more people sign up for the Seder than he was expecting (no, we're not Jewish; he's the pastoral care director for a retirement community with people of lots of different faiths), so he had to make an emergency run to the liquor store for more wine
  • his mom called to tell him she'd been throwing up all day, and could he go get her a chocolate sundae from a little shop in town
  • Will's been crying most of the evening
  • I have little girls covered in sand, since they thought it was hilarious to put sand on each other's heads while they were outside today
  • I've learned that we have more snakes (many more) than I'd realized in the back yard. And they live right near where the garden's going to go, which is freaking me out.
  • Lucy picked up some dog poop with her bare hand today.
  • Bob's working late tonight, and tomorrow's going to be crazy, too.
C'est la vie, non?

Is it any surprise I've put the kids to bed early just so I can breathe?

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Michelle said...

Oh, Annie. I wish I would've read this earlier today to give you some support! Hope today has been better.