Thursday, March 25, 2010


Yesterday, I started my garden, and I found it totally overwhelming and exhilarating.

First of all, I was armed with three different gardening books, plus the information on the seed packets, and a lot of the info was conflicting, which left me conflicted.

When do I plant this seed?
How deep?
How far apart from other seeds?
With what soil & sun requirements?
How many should I plant?

When Bob and I first started talking about our garden for this year, I was thinking about one bed of plants. Then, a couple weeks ago, I drew up a tentative plan, and ordered the seeds. For two beds.

With the seeds, and my trusty books (because there are very few projects that I don't first start with a trip to the library), I drew up the "final" plan. "Final" is in quotes because it probably isn't the final plan. Final for now.

The garden is now three beds. Three 4'x10' beds, plus walkways. All I can say is, it's a good thing the yard's big enough, because I'm not willing for the garden to completely overtake the space where the girls play.

I planted tomatoes, leeks, and lavender seeds inside last night. I am so excited about them, I feel like a kid with a pile of Christmas presents under the tree. I keep sneaking over to check on my seeds, even though I know that there's nothing more to see than there was an hour ago.

Bob's thrilled, too. We're looking forward to eating fresh produce from the garden, and freezing some for the winter.

And the lavender just equals joy for us. We love the stuff. We had a lot of it at our first house, and we plan to have lots of it here. My seed packet included 100 seeds, and I planted 48 last night. I was sure Bob was going to tell me that was overkill, but his response instead was, "When are you planting the other 52?!" Clearly, we're on the same lavender wavelength.

And speaking of lavender, guess who's getting a new ceiling in the bedroom? Yep, the girls. And Caroline informed me that she and Lucy want a purple one. Like ceilings come, all assembled, painted, and ready-to-go. I resisted, but Bob's all about it. He wants to know why they shouldn't have a purple ceiling? Well, for starters, because I don't want a purple ceiling, and this is MY house! Okay, so he's right. A purple ceiling it is.

And I hope we buy an external hard drive for my computer soon because I have no room for pictures. How can I blog without pictures?

P.S. Just to clarify, my garden will include more than just tomatoes and leeks. Lots more planting to come soon.

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