Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hope for Spring

Today, the weather was so fantastic, we couldn't resist spending a lot of time outside. I have seen evidence that the daffodils (that my dad planted for me last year for my birthday) are starting to come up. It looks like one of our hydrangeas made it through the winter. I'm assuming our crocuses & hyacinths & tulips will appear soon.


it's time to plan our vegetable garden. I'm reading the two reference books my dad gave me -- well, skimming the appropriate parts -- and trying to apply all that information to our specific plot size, climate, etc. I know the general vicinity of where the garden will be, but I really need to nail it down, so to speak, and figure out how big? And choose, once and for all, what we're going to grow this year. And buy the seeds.

I'd really like to stick to heirloom varieties. I'm not a fan of genetically modified FOOD. If the heirloom varieties are less hardy against weather and bugs, so be it. But I really don't see any reason to eat something that could never grow on its own if it hadn't started in a lab somewhere.

In other news, tomorrow I enter the last year of my twenties. It feels a little strange. College feels like a lifetime ago, and yet I still feel young enough that sometimes I'm shocked to find myself the mother of three children. It makes me think of my grandfather, who at 90-ish, told my dad he still felt like he was about 17 inside. Amazing. Perhaps that's why he lived to be 96?

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