Monday, April 19, 2010

We are Dorks.

Yes, we are.

I planted some basil and cilantro seeds in some little pots on my kitchen windowsill. They came in a sweet little kit from my sister, for my birthday a while back.

As the seeds started growing, I became suspicious. The basil didn't look like basil at all, but more like parsley. I told Bob they'd given us the wrong seeds in that little kit. I was amused and annoyed. I was getting ready to call Ellen and tell her about the mix-up, when all of a sudden, Bob solved the problem.

I had just put the the labels on the wrong pots. It's true, that never occurred to me.

And you know how I said we are dorks? Well, Bob was super-gluing something yesterday, and set the super glue down on his desk. No, not on his desk exactly, but on a book. And last night, he brought this down to show me. Yep. Super glue stuck to his Bible.

We are dorks.

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

Can you imagine if someone else had put the superglue down on the Bible? Oh Lord!