Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Times, They are A'Changin'

Yesterday, I went to the BMV for three reasons: I had to sign off on some form releasing interest in our old Corolla (or last Corolla, since it's much, much newer than our "new" Corolla). I had to change the address on my driver's license (I realize you're supposed to do this within 30 days of moving, but really? Have you moved lately, with two kids and one on the way, into a house that needs a lot of work? 30 days?). And I needed to have them reissue my vehicle registration for the van since they apparently sent it to a house I no longer own. And I was driving around, illegally, without my 2010 sticker on the plates.

So... for your driver's license picture, you're now supposed to remove your glasses and maintain a neutral expression. The lady said, you're welcome to smile, as long as your teeth don't show. Apparently I'm not good at that... the system kept rejecting my pictures because, well, teeth were showing. I look like a freak in my new driver's license. Bob says he looks like a prisoner in his (he went in earlier in the day and did the same thing), so I guess we're a match made in heaven. But I already knew that. :)

I'm not going to over-think the new rules for your DL picture, but I can't help but speculate a little. Would I be easier to identify in the event of a crime if my picture shows a weird-looking woman without glasses? Since I never wear contacts anymore...

Also, then I took the girls over to where Bob works (a CCRC, or continuing care retirement community), and all these old women surrounded the girls, oohing and ahhing over them. It cracked me up that one woman took me aside, almost whispering, to ask me about the pregnancy. I forget that it used to be hush-hush; women did not used to talk about pregnancy at all, even when it was obvious. It was very cute.

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Michelle said...

A co-worker just went to get her passport photo last week and she echoed your sentiments. I am actually looking forward to my next license photo because I was seriously pregnant with Emily when I had to renew my last one and I look AWFUL even though I am smiling.