Saturday, May 2, 2009

Living Green, Living Locally

This morning I went to the Farmers' Market with the girls, and we had a great time! I didn't know what to expect this early in the season, and though there were some vegetables to be had (fresh lettuces, fresh asparagus), I ended up getting some local honey, maple syrup, and eggs. Oh, it was fun! And I feel good about supporting local farmers.

Poor Caroline thought we were going to come straight home and have pancakes, since obviously maple syrup=pancakes...

On another note, Bob and I are going to go look at a car in a half-hour. In light of our Total Money Makeover, we're just going to buy a beater with cash, and then save for a better car, rather than finance a car. We're both excited about getting rid of a car payment. And it won't be too much longer before we eliminate the second one.

At breakfast this morning, Caroline kept yakking away about the roofers, and I thought, wow, she's really interested in this whole process -- until I realized that they were there, working, and she could see them out the window behind me! I think they'll be done today; they're hanging new gutters, replacing the missing siding, and finishing the flashing around the new chimney. I'm pleased with the shingles we chose, and I think the roof is looking really nice. Boy oh boy, it feels good to actually be making progress with this house!

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