Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One of those days

Today has definitely been one of those days.

I decided to work on painting the bathroom this morning while all the girls were napping, and it was going relatively well. Rather than stop after an hour as I'd planned, I just kept going. And then I spilled a gallon of paint. I had it balanced on the edge of the bathroom sink (bad decision, I know), and it just toppled over. Luckily, the paint was 99% contained in the sink, and the small amount on the floor was easily cleaned. And I was even able to salvage some of the paint from the sink. I'm left with about a half gallon, which should be enough to finish the room. In the midst of all this, Caroline heard a siren and started crying and screaming. I just ignored her as I was cleaning up, and then once I had things under control, I went to check on her. And apparently she'd decided to blow her nose over the edge of the Pack 'N Play, and I stepped in a puddle of snot. Barefooted.

Then during lunch, I was eating some yogurt with granola when Caroline, who'd already finished her lunch, came over to me, held up her hand, and said, "It's poop." And it sure was. I guess she'd put an exploratory hand down her pants and came up with a dirty hand. So while I was freaking out about that, Lucy, who was also done with lunch, decided to fling my yogurt/granola everywhere. I dealt with that, and then went back to cleaning up Caroline, when the phone rang. Ugh. And Lucy, I think, answered it. I don't know. I was yelling at her (I know, I know! Who yells at a 15-month-old? But I'd had it...), and I don't know if she'd answered a call or if she just turned the phone on after it stopped ringing. Somebody may have heard me yelling. It was not my proudest moment.

I also called to schedule Lucy's 15-month check-up, but called the car dealership instead of her doctor's office (448-1000 instead of 448-8000). It only struck me as funny after the fact.

I need a vacation.


Megan said...

Oh annie,
You make me laugh, sorry it is at your expense! I'm waiting for the day Jonathan decides to stick his hands down his pants, I'm thinking of duct taping is diapers shut then.

suzanne cabrera said...

Would you like me to book that vacation for you. I can be an excellent travel agent?

So bad...but so funny.

Paige said...

Annie, I'm positively gasping for air. You are hilarious! I have so been there and I like that someone else is there too! and I think you'll appreciate that the word verification to post this comment is "antipeed" which I'm sure means something else, but makes me think of your Caroline and her poop episode.