Friday, May 1, 2009

Long Time, No See.

I've been away from my blogging lately... probably because my basement computer set-up is increasingly uncomfortable for me these days, and because I'm still having camera-to-computer issues. I went out and bought a pack of DVD's to start storing all my pictures on, but I must be doing something wrong. Bob asked me if I'd programmed them first, but of course, I don't know how to do that! Hmm. So I'm stuck with a full hard drive and a full camera card. And no new pictures.

I did paint the area over the fireplace, and I've waffled a couple times already on the color I chose, but I think Bob doesn't like it, so we'll keep looking.

The chimney's done, and we'd burn a fire in it (the fireplace, that is) ... if we had firewood cut to size, and fireplace tools, and a screen. We're both pretty pleased with how it turned out.

We're getting close to having the roof done. In fact, it may be done already, but it's drizzling, and I haven't gone out to check. The roofers seem like good guys, which is good, since I don't really like having ladders set up outside all the windows.

The siding repairs come next, and I can't wait. A little bonus with the siding repairs is that our basement will be a bit brighter. Two of the windows on the east side of the basement are covered by that piece of plywood that covers the area missing siding. So once the plywood is gone, let there be light!

On the family front: Lucy's personality is just busting out these days. She cracks us up all the time, and despite the fact that she's very, very passionate, she's also pretty easy-going. Caroline's vocabulary continues to grow, and her favorite thing these days is to help Bob and me. "Humpy dishes, Momma?" means, "Help with the dishes, Momma?" "Humpy cook?" is the equivalent with cooking. Bob's favorite Caroline-ism is the Pack-n-Play. She calls it the "cwap-n-pway."

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