Friday, September 26, 2008

Uncertainty, Anxiety, Hope...

So... we don't know if Bob will be getting a job offer.

We have decided to sell the house regardless. This is a relief and incredibly sad.

Since I like to deal with stress by looking at houses, I'm not sure if I'm wasting time looking at apartments (online) in Chicago, or if I should be looking for houses here (which I am). (I haven't found anything in town that I want.) (Which doesn't mean anything.) (End of parenthetical inserts.)

Yesterday, an appraiser came to the house. The woman who looked at the house on Saturday had arranged for an appraisal and an inspection prior to making an offer. The inspection was today. Lots of anxiety, though Bob and I agreed that we didn't think we'd really be surprised by anything in the inspection report. We pretty much know everything that's wrong with the house. We think.

After the inspection, the woman came back in and we talked (for an hour maybe? I'm really bad at gauging time) about the house, our plans, her ideas, etc. Bob and I really like her and would love for her to buy the house. After all we've put into it, we really want someone else to love it, too. And she does.

So... we don't have any idea what the house will appraise for. This is a little stressful. If I were still selling real estate, I could get into the MLS and find comps, but since that's what the appraiser's doing, I guess I could just let him do his job. I pray with the girls every day about all of this (how wonderful it is, to pray with children!), and we trust that God will provide for us. But I want to know WHERE He'll be providing for us!

After the inspection, I came down with a doozy of a headache, and heartburn, and who knows what all... Though I felt good about all that had happened today, I still think I managed to internalize all my stress. And now it's throbbing, back behind my eyes.

Bob came home in the middle of the day to hang smoke detectors, light fixtures, etc., and then went back to work with Caroline so that I only had to take Emily, Lucy, and Lily (the Great Dane) on a walk during the whole-house inspection. He wasn't entirely productive while Caroline was with him at work. Really? I don't understand that! :) So he's been at work since dinner, and it's now 11:30. I rented a sappy romance and sat upstairs by myself to escape the realities of my life.

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