Thursday, September 18, 2008

I love...

my avocado plant. I know, I know. But it is such a pleasure to watch it grow that I must share it with you.

And I plunked the big table top on top of our dining room table, just to see how it would work in there. Then we moved out the three (3!) chests of drawers that had been residing in there since the drywalling work upstairs. The picture is before we moved out the extra furniture, but I like the way it looks. Of course, it's a little too high, what with being on top of the other table top, but I'm still happy.

Oh, and Bob thinks Caroline got bitten by something. Her eyelid is all red and puffy.

She doesn't seem bothered at all. Except when I make her shut her eyes so I can take a picture...

1 comment:

teri1960sumpthin said...

How...oh HOW did you get your avacado to do that? I have tried and tried but I never have any luck :o(
I like you blog..your little girl is darling!