Monday, September 8, 2008

She knows the routine

So I watch my friend Michelle's daughter during the school year, and there are a variety of reasons why I like this. Caroline likes having another playmate, Lucy likes having another playmate, I like getting to see Michelle, and sometimes Brian, Elijah, or Mary, on a regular basis. (Brian and Michelle are Caroline's godparents, so it's great that she gets to see them six times a week -- she misses them on Saturdays...)

Anyway, Michelle usually comes by to pick up Emily around 4:15 or 4:30, and by 3:00, Caroline's watching for her out the window. Today, as Caroline ate a late-afternoon snack, she started asking for Michelle. I like how she pronounces Michelle, so I recorded it for your viewing pleasure. Please excuse the spinach soup remnants on her face. (And I didn't edit out Caroline's quick follow-up with "Daddy" on the video.)

Oh wait. This blog is supposed to be about the house? Ok, then. Updates:

Kitchen light fixture, done. Thank you, Bob.

I potted the avocado. I guess I'm mildly obsessed with growing avocado trees. Please humor me. Oh, and the pot itself? Purchased down at the Indianapolis Museum of Art garden shop. It's biodegradable, though I'm not sure if this is counter-productive, when filled with soil. We've had it for over a year, though, and it shows no biodegradation (?) yet.

Upcoming project: installing the ringy part of the doorbell. The pushy part is up, just not the ringy. This throws people off when they come to the front door. Here's where the ringy part will go (in the kitchen).

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