Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A List of Seven

One of the blogs I read is Ryan's, and today, he posted several things in sets of seven and encouraged his readers to do the same.

Seven random thoughts of the day:

1. I want to live an environmentally-friendly life, but when it's hard, I sometimes waffle. Case-in-point: light bulbs. Bob recently installed the new kitchen light fixture, and all he could find were CFL's, so he put those in. I love that they last so much longer and use so much less electricity, but here's the problem: I don't like the color of the light. Light is really important to me (I struggle with SAD anyway, and I have no control over the quantity or quality of the light outside, but I should inside...), and I've been struggling with this ever since he put the light up. I'm probably going to wimp out and [ask him to] change the bulbs.

2. I'm training for a marathon (the big day is October 12, coming right up), I'm in pretty darn good shape, I'm running regularly, I'm starting to lose the last of the baby weight from L., but I am not really thinking of myself as a runner. Go figure. Running helped pay for my college education, but I'm not a runner. I'm not sure what would convince me that I am.

This rather dorky picture was taken with the timer yesterday. I had the camera propped on the highchair, so I could send a picture of the new double jogger to my mom. I took the girls out for the inaugural double jogger run yesterday, we did 4.5 miles, and it worked really well. Woohoo!

3. Cloth diapers just aren't that bad. Actually, they're pretty darn cool. We use bumGeniuses, and, though they're expensive, we never have to buy disposables. Well, I say never, but the first time I bought disposables was when C was 14 months or so, we were moving, I had no laundry room, etc. I felt it was excusable. I but I still didn't like them. I've discovered that if I have them on hand, I'll use them (disposables, that is), but if I don't, I never need them.

4. I really love my husband. Some things I appreciate about him: he loves our girls so much; he's incredibly capable; he is my biggest supporter, from staying home with the girls, to breastfeeding, to running a marathon, etc.; he likes everything I cook (with one exception: the casserole I made, following my great-grandmother's recipe, shortly after we were married); he's hootie, which delights my soul.

5. I can get a lot done when all the girls (mine, plus Emily) are napping.

6. Facebook is addictive. So, of course, I love it.

7. Clean sheets make me really happy. (I have sheets in the washer as I type...)


Ryan Detzel said...

Good post! Thanks for the link love!

Holly said...

I am with ya on the CFL bulbs. ick!

Megan said...

mmm... clean sheets! I just changed mine yesterday. They are the greatest feeling in the world... They are like the ice cream in a sundae (the chocolate and the syrup being a lazy afternoon and a cool breeze flowing in the window).

Hilary said...

You are so a runner!!! you're doing such a great job training-anyone that can run with a DOUBLE baby jogger is hardcore!! Hilary