Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Resolution

I hereby resolve to post on my blog more frequently than every three months. Happy 2010!

In other news, we celebrated our first Christmas in our current house (we had moved in by Christmas 2008, but we spent the actual day in TN with my parents), and it was great fun. I got up at the crack of dawn ... well, actually, before the crack of dawn, to make cinnamon rolls, and Bob got up when they were almost done baking so that he could build a fire in the fireplace.

We had two Christmas trees this year, about ten feet away from each other. A little silly, maybe, but tree #2 was on clearance, and I really wanted one of the trees to be visible from the street. I love white Christmas lights, and I enjoyed making the house look festive: icicle lights on the front porch, wreaths with red bows & white lights on the dormer windows of the attic, and two Christmas trees. (Note to self: try to take a good picture of the house in the evening when it's all lit up.) (Yes, the house is still fully decorated for Christmas. As fun as decorating is, un-decorating is not so much.)

House progress? Well, when we moved in, just over a year ago, three of the four windows on the landing of the stairs were broken. And now ... they have new glass, and Bob installed them this past weekend. Hallelujah! Who lives with broken windows for a year? Well, apparently we do.

We also, apparently, are the sort of people who live with holes in the wall, and gaping holes in the ceilings. And a bedroom door that's missing the panel right at eye level. It's funny -- these defects are glaringly obvious, yet when you live with them for a while (like, a year), you start to forget they're there. Until people come over, and then you start hitting yourself in the head and thinking, good grief, why haven't we dealt with these things yet? Oh yes ... because these things cost money. While there seems to be no limit to my imagination of things we could do to our home, there are distinct limits to what we can pay to do to our home, at least for now.

I feel obligated to post these embarrassing pictures of my home, since I received some really nice comments about how the house looks on Facebook. Here's the way it really looks.


David said...

I love your house!!!! I so could live in a house like that. Keep it up. I know some people in AR that have an historic house they have been "working on" for the last 30 years. Old houses are a work in progress. Have fun!!

Sarah said...

Your home is awesome. I know you are a perfectionist but really, you bought a old home and are fixing it up while you live in it and it still looks great. We almost bought a fixer-upper and I wish we really had, because those home have true character. I think what you are doing is wonderful!

suzanne cabrera said...

Oh man! Things look so cozy!!!! Watch out, I'm moving in! All kidding aside, this really is the epitome of Christmas perfection! Congratulations on a year of hard work. It's certainly paid off. And as far as the wholes go, I happen to like them...especially the one in the wall. It's character!

Palmer said...

Just want to say, "You have a beautiful home". In time everything will be in shape. Patience and hard work will pay off. One day at a time on the fix-it-up thing. Enjoy everyday in the house and just don't sweat the "honey do's".

erin said...

Annie, you have a beautiful home!!! it has so much character with all of the woodwork and built in cabinets! i love it!!