Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kitchen Progress

I'm not sure it's fair to call this "progress." It seems misleading.

Bob was out of town today, at a meeting in Chicago. He left early, and he'll get home late. So I took the opportunity to start destroying (I mean improving!) our kitchen.

Here's my arsenal.

We have this horrible (HORRIBLE) fake tile that is glued & nailed to the wall, and it goes up six feet from the floor. Have I mentioned that it's horrible?

Well, it's gone. And now I have to repair the damage.

This is mid-way through. You can see 1) the glue I still needed to scrape off. 2) The fake tile on the right. 3) The real tile backsplash and countertop that I despise. I hate the stuff. Hate it. 4) The peach-painted fake-stucco that was applied to mask the poorly installed drywall that doesn't quite sit flush with the drywall it's next to. They applied this stucco to much of the room. It scrapes easily off of drywall, but not so easily off plaster.

Here's how it looks now. I've scraped all the fake stucco that I can get off, and the next step, Bob tells me (when I confessed over the phone what I've been up to today) is to use a drywall screen on the rest of it.

Now, the challenge will be to follow through and finish the project. I like the big-results tasks, like pulling something down. The scraping, patching, priming, etc., are not so fun for me.

Do you think Bob will just swoop in and finish it for me? Probably not.


bethany said...

i'm jealous. i have to confess the last few times i've been home without dallas, i very nearly started knocking down a wall. it's really the fear of electrocution (not of my husband) that keeps me in check. :)

Pam said...

Hi Annie,

I saw your comment on Coal Creek Farm and that you were in IN - so, since I live in IN, too I'd thought I'd drop by to say hi.

I feel for your kitchen job. We bought an older forclosure almost 2years ago and have put a lot of work into this house. (Much left to do.) Good luck with it.


Cute kids, BTW.