Sunday, October 19, 2008

Waiting Game

So we've discussed it a couple of times over the weekend (to say the least), and Bob and I are on the same page now with regard to the house we looked at on Friday.

We made a list of the questions we'd want to answer about that house, and once they're answered satisfactorily, we'll make an offer... assuming: it's not sold yet (we know that there have already been two offers, though from the same buyer), and we've accepted an offer on our house. The offer arrives on Tuesday. We met with the buyer's agent on Thursday night, and the buyer gets back into town tomorrow, so the paperwork should all be ready for the "presentation" on Tuesday (per a message from the realtor tonight).

I'm trying hard not to be anxious, but I know that the timing might not work. But we know that the bank would not accept a contingent offer (the house we're looking at is a foreclosure, so we'd be negotiating with the bank), so we can't make an offer until we have one on our house. Argh. I'm not a very patient person.

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