Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our Kitchen

This was what our kitchen looked like when we bought the house. I loved the sink.

This was the wallpaper.

On New Year's Eve, we stayed up and pulled down wallpaper in the kitchen. Honestly, we had a blast. It was one of our most memorable New Year's's (?)... (with the exception of the year Ross proposed to Kerrie. Hard to top that.)

Here I am, seven months pregnant, pulling one of the millions of nails that were hammered into the walls, doors, trim, etc.

Oh, and here's what it looks like now.

The stainless steel pieces are (mostly) salvaged from the house my parents bought last year. Go figure: we both bought houses with no cabinets or countertops. Weird.

Here's the Learning Tower that Gerri bought for the girls to help me cook. C. loves it.

She likes to help me cook and help her daddy with the dishes. In this shot, I think she'd splashed so much that it wasn't worth keeping the shirt on.

Hey! That's a doorbell! And it's hooked up!

And, one of my favorite things in the kitchen: my compost pail, a Christmas gift from Ellen. We compost religiously, to the point that I have to talk Bob out of bringing food scraps from other people's homes so we can compost them.

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