Friday, August 22, 2008

The Installation of a Toilet, Part II

So it's in. And it's been tested. (TMI?) And it works. I'm very happy about all of this.

I'm going to photograph the new toilet, but you have to imagine what it will look like with a nice drywalled wall behind it, and a nice white baseboard.

There's a big chain of events for the downstairs bath:

1. Set water lines into wall for washer, so the washer and dryer can be moved back about 8 inches.

2. Move dryer vent to side, so the washer and dryer ... etc.

3. Box in the cold air return ductwork.

4. Drywall back wall of bathroom.

5. Run plumbing for a sink, then buy and install a sink.

6. Have Bob install a V-groove wood ceiling, painted shiny white. (Here's the ceiling, as it is now.)

7. Have Ross patch other walls and paint Sherwin Williams Mega-greige. I love this color, inspired by one of Martha Stewart's kitchens.

8. Install the light fixture that's waiting down in the basement.

By the way, wouldn't you assume that maybe an American Standard toilet would be made in the good old U.S.?


Megan said...

ooooooooo pretty!
By the way, it looks like you have a front loading washer, how do you like it. Our washer/dryer are on their way to death so we are looking around for new ones.

Annie said...

We like it. It uses a lot less water than a top-loader. We got it in January-ish, and it's served us really well. We have ours stacked, but if you don't stack them, I'd recommend getting the pedestals so you don't have to stoop when you're reaching into them. And we got a great deal at hhGregg.