Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tick Tick Tick...

Nope, not my biological clock.

But the countdown Bob & I agreed on for a chair I picked up off a curb. 45 days. If I don't have the chair presentable in 45 days, it's going back out to the curb.

Questions: Am I skilled enough to reupholster something? (I've never reupholstered anything in my life.)
Will I have the time to get this done in 45 days?
Should I just totally make it mine, or should I run upholstery & stain ideas past Bob?
Is this piece of furniture even worth it?

It has sweet lines, and we could use more soft chairs, either in the sunroom, or the foyer, or both.

Am I crazy?

Bob thinks so. I may be. But at least there's an end to the craziness. 45 days, one way or the other.


Kimberly said...

Oh, I like that idea! Daniel tends to pick things up from the trash pile or from garage sales that he's going to "fix up". They hang around, broken, for years. I think he's going to get 45 day limits:-)

From what I understand, upholstering isn't all THAT hard. Good luck!

intellectualoid said...

Nice lines on it. Could be an heirloom in the making.

I can't see how good the "bones" are. The legs have a shine that suggests modern (which I always suspect means "cheaply made"), but Jane's sitting in a wing chair that I sat in 50+ years ago, reading Danny Meadow Mouse etc. in front of the fireplace.

N 41° 42' W 86° 54' said...

I love the chair! Good luck!

Naomi said...

You can totally do it, Annie! I love the chair. Good find, and good idea on the 45 day limit. Perhaps you could find something else to practice upholstering first.

Grant said...

I know someone that can help if you need tips on furniture upholstery in Raleigh NC. It would be a pretty cool craft to learn!