Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quotes from my house:

"I'm just going to put this beer on top of the frozen breast milk." --my husband, on chilling some beer in the freezer

"Not everyone has a pulpit in their foyer." --Bob again. And I want to know, if you don't have a pulpit, why not??

"But I've had a hard day, and I need to snuggle." -- Caroline, on why she didn't want to get up from her nap yesterday.

And, I'm sorry for this, but every time I think about my garden, in my head I hear "Plants in the ground/ Plants in the ground/ Looking like a fool with your plants in the ground..."


Michelle said...

THANKS FOR THAT! Now it will be in my head every time I go outside too! :)

practicinghuman said...

HAHAHAHAHAA, not FB but the BLOG! Annie for the win! :)

Paige said...

to answer your question, we do not have a pulpit in our foyer. (ahem, I mean, front room that we never use and actually forget we have. and yes, the front door is in there.) We do not have a pulpit because we've never seen one for sale. I am a big fan of the one at our church, but I haven't figured out how to sneak it out yet, and I'm fairly certain they would notice it's absence. ;)