Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mommy Blogging

Bob called me from work to inform me that I'm a mommy blogger. I suppose I am. I definitely meet the description in an article he read today. Of course, I resent being called a mommy. I am not a mommy! For whatever reason, I don't like that word/name. I can't stand it when people refer to me as a mommy, and thank goodness, Bob does a good job of correcting people, "she likes to be called Momma."

Anyway, so I'm a mommy blogger. Follow that link up there, and read what he read. I watched the Motrin commercial that is discussed, and it really irritated me. I'm glad they're taking it out of circulation. I realize that for a lot of people, it's no big deal. But it offended me.

I'm going to live up to my mommy blogger designation now and post videos of Cecil.

I can hardly believe that I've become one of those parents that thinks their kids are incredibly cute... but of course, I've become one of them.

Here goes (practicing pronunciation):

And everything is a phone, these days: alarm clocks, spoons, conch shells...

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