Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Busy Life

Last weekend was supposed to be a packing-heavy weekend, but I woke up Friday morning with the stomach flu, and it really knocked me for a loop. I hardly got off the couch until Monday morning. Yuck.

Thankfully, our closings have been pushed later (for reasons related to the complications of buying a foreclosure), so we still have time to get packed.

The woman buying our home has been gracious enough to allow us to leave all of our belongings in the downstairs during the 7-8 days after she buys this house, but before we close on that house. And we'll crash at my mother-in-law's in the meantime. We are very grateful to not have to put everything in storage, thereby moving everything twice, like we did last year when we bought this house.

Today, we bought a new dryer for the new house. We've really liked the set we have here, so we bought one exactly like what we already have. But... this had been a floor model, so it's deeply discounted. And its flaw? Tape residue. We can handle that. Because it was so much on sale, we went ahead and bought it (I didn't want someone else to get our good deal!), but there was not a similarly priced matching washer, so we didn't feel any rush to go ahead and buy the [full-priced] washer today. That and the fact that we'd rather not buy appliances here and move them there. It would be much easier to just have hhGregg deliver them there once we own the house...

Though we don't have cable and don't watch tv, when I have the chance to, I love TLC. They have lots of shows I like, including Clean Sweep, where families get desperately-needed help to weed out everything in their home, and then organize what's left. Moving gives me a good reason to go through what I have, and I really like having a good-sized box of things to give away. (George Foreman grill, anyone?)

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