Friday, July 9, 2010

Why I Married Him

Yesterday, when I was at work with Bob for a short time, he gave two different people two different reasons for why he married me.*

It made me create my own list.

I married Bob because:

  • I love him. (That's the quick obvious answer. And true, of course.)
  • He makes me laugh. My family sets a pretty tight boundary around what's funny and what's not, and Bob is always pushing past those lines. I love it.
  • He's very capable. Our dining room table? He built it. My desk? He built it. The lamps in our living room? He built, wired, assembled them. He can paint, he can design, he's an engineer.
  • He is not as introverted as I am. I really love that he can engage in meaningful conversation with just about anyone.
  • In our house, I'm the one interested in cars, and he's pickier about paint colors. It works for us. Of the cars we've purchased together (a Honda Civic, a Ford F-150, a Honda Odyssey, and 2 Toyota Corollas), I selected each of them but MY FIRST CAR, the Civic. He chose that one, convinced that I would love a stick shift, though I could not drive one. It pains me to admit that he was right. If I ever come across a minivan with a manual transmission, I'll snap that baby up.
  • He cares. About the environment, about our family, about the church, about politics, about other people.
  • I knew he'd be a great dad. And he is.
  • He really values that I stay home with the kids, despite the obvious fact that having a second income would make a fairly significant impact on our finances.
I could go on, but I bet he'll be annoyed that I've written this much. He's not a sentimental guy.

*He told one person at work that he married me for my handwriting. He told another person it was because I was so strong. (Which reminds me of when we arm-wrestled for the first time. Have I told that story yet?)


orrologion said...

My wife always used to say she married me because I was nice and I made her laugh (unintentionally, thought often too far across the line for her and her family), also because I would hold (and occasionally massage) her feet. I'm sure the lists expands, but we're Midwesterners by birth, so we don't talk about it. I think she also thought I'd be a good family man, husband and father - unfortunately, she also thought this meant I liked to clean, do dishes, and keep the place tidy.

I am jealous of all that can build and fix stuff. I am happy to shower them with money to build and fix things for me.

Radiant Readhead said...

my mouth is still open wide with shock that you are "introverted". You are?!?! lol....that is not he girl I remember