Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home Warranty

Our house came with a home warranty. I think I've mentioned this before. I am grateful for it, but it's been a month since we first called about our non-functioning air conditioning.

Tonight, I went to the website. Here's what it says:

"Whether you’re working with one of the HSA customer service representatives over the phone, or relying on a service contractor to make a repair in your home, HSA ensures prompt, convenient and reliable service."

And then it goes on to state the HSA guarantee: "HSA provides qualified, prescreened service contractors from its Preferred Vendor Network that arrive promptly and invoice HSA directly for covered repairs. If an HSA service provider cannot respond in a timely manner, HSA will approve the use of a contractor outside of its network to ensure the convenience of fast service."

Bob's going to call them tomorrow. Time to give up on this guy from Indy who's clearly not going to call us back, let alone fix our A/C. I need air. Stat. When I'm pregnant in the summertime, I'm hot all the time ... and that's WITH air conditioning. Without it, I'm grouchy. And hot.

Let's hope they stand behind their guarantee.

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suzanne cabrera said...

Yikes. We're in the process of 'thinking' about buying a house. It is helpful to read here and know what the watch out for!

Good luck with your warranty!