Monday, March 30, 2009

House Colors

So when we went to Home Depot the other day to look at paint colors, we reached no consensus whatsoever for the exterior of our home.

Bob is adamant about not having a builder's neutral, and I told him I wanted to be able to say "we have the blue house on the right," or "we're the yellow house," etc. Yesterday, on our way out of town to the IMA, we took pictures of some house colors we liked. I took all these pictures, and you'll just have to prepare yourselves for the photographic excellence that follows:

I know. We have a huge range of colors, right? Wrong. Turns out I pretty much like the same colors, over and over. Should I bust out? Paint my house a bold color? Not like, hot pink or anything, but maybe a nice blue, or cheerful yellow?

The good news is, we're not to where we need to pick house colors yet. The roof color has been selected (it's a shade of gray), the new gutters will be white. The replacement siding for the hole in our exterior wall will come unpainted ... and then we need to paint. But we'll have the fireplace/chimney guys here all this week, and then two weeks after that, we'll have the roofing/siding/gutter guys here. So we have time.

But still: looking at these pictures makes me bored.


Megan said...

do it! Go blue with white trim!!!
or yellow!!! do it! please! So that i can live vicariously through you. Everette would never go for it. if its paint, its easy to change!

James said...

Our house is "the blue one one on the corner with the red door." Looking back, I have sometimes wished that it were a grayer blue, but it's a cute house-just stands out a bit in the neighborhood. Pale yellow is always cute. Yeah, don't go with taupe-it looks nice but it is a bit boring!

Allison Terry said...

Hey Annie! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE green too. There is a house around here that color with a bright red door and it looks really cute and distinctive, too. I love looking at all your pictures--how exciting to be able to pick things out to both honor your home's history and make it exactly how you want it. Hope to see you all soon. :)

Allison Terry said...

And yes, that should be "Allison Webb" instead of "Allison Terry," but I can't get my id to change in google. Don't tell John-ha!