Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's been too long...

When I started this blog, I envisioned myself blogging daily. That does happen. Sometimes. But I think I've been feeling uninspired since I can't find the freakin' cord for my camera to link pictures on here...

Anyway, this will be a random, train-of-thought post today.

It's snowing outside, little snowflakes that are coming down rapidly. It's beautiful. I hear we're supposed to get somewhere between three and five inches. I'm lovin' it, to quote the McDonald's campaign [that I don't get at all]. Seriously, it's hard for me to imagine loving McDonald's.

I fought the gas company, and I WON! When I called in early December to turn on the gas for our new house, I requested budget-billing, where they average your annual use and then charge you 1/12th each month, rather than paying ungodly amounts of money for gas in the winter. Since we have only ever lived in buildings built before 1920, we tend to have high ceilings, big (drafty) windows, and high gas bills. Anyway, last week, we got our first gas bill. WHOA... not a budget bill. It was a horribly high number, and I'm hoping it's from a combination of the heat being set on 80 (we're not sure how long it was set that high-- it's low enough for Cecil to reach the thermostat, and we should definitely change that) and from the back door being left ajar on the coldest night (so far) of the winter.

I called Vectren and said, we're supposed to be on budget billing! I was told that no, we were signed up for e-billing (where they email your statements), but not budget billing. She gave me a couple different options, none of which were acceptable to me, since WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE ON BUDGET BILLING. So she offered (with a sigh) to research the phone call when I requested it. I gave her a window of about a week, during which I had called. She needed to know the number from which I called (I think it was Brian & Michelle's?), and I wasn't even sure about that. A couple days went by, and I assumed they weren't going to call back. But then they did, and sure enough, the records showed that I had requested budget billing! Woohoo! That just cut my bill for this month by three.

Confession: my Christmas tree is still up. I'm going to take the lights off today so Bob can drag it out to the street tonight. But I'm not really ready. Since I bought the tree by myself and we weren't here for Christmas and didn't even celebrate it the way I had envisioned (in our living room, with a fire in the fireplace), I feel like the tree isn't done... But the tree is done. It's incredibly thirsty and droopy. Objectively, it looks bad. But I still don't want to take it down.

Another confession: I want to be a Starbucks barista.

Here are some shots from Thanksgiving down in Evansville. We had a great time.

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