Monday, December 15, 2008


Ever since living in Florida for six years, I've had trouble with cold weather. And when I say "trouble" I mean "I don't like it." Kind of like my mom saying she's allergic to coconut (nope, she just doesn't like it).

Anyway, I love old houses, but old houses are not known for their air-tight-ness or their insulation, so imagine my surprise and delight to discover that our new house is toasty! I mean, it's almost too hot upstairs when we set the thermostat for 68 degrees. I don't know if this is due to good construction, or if it's the difference between a forced air furnace and a boiler/radiator system. But I like it. I mean, this is winter! And I'm too warm unless I'm in short sleeves!

And, as an added bonus, the basement (which has no radiators) stays warm enough for Bob to work in his workshop down there comfortably and for me to do laundry down there. And the attic, also unheated, is nice, too. I'm thinking the attic may be "my room." Bob has his shop, I'll have the attic. As long as I'm warm...

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Hilary said...

So you guys made it into the house? What an ordeal! I'm glad that everything worked out. We're about to start more renovations on our house to prepare for Little Peanut's arrival. Always exciting! I know what you mean about the heat distribution-our house is freezing in some areas and hot in the basement in the winter. Part of the charm, eh?